“Japan Cultural Envoy” official site has been established

Since 2003, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has been appointing people committed to cultural activities such as artists, cultural specialists and so on, as “Japan Cultural Envoys”. This undertaking aims to deepen the international community’s understanding of Japanese culture and to build and strengthen networks between Japanese and foreign artists and experts. By the end of fiscal year 2014, a total of 115 individuals, 2 groups (consisting of 5 people), and 26 organizations specializing in various fields such as traditional music, performing arts, culture and lifestyle, and pop culture have been sent abroad to 76 countries.
We have recently established an official site to disseminate information regarding the “Japan Cultural Envoy” ( This site will disseminate a wide range of information, such as profiles of past Japan Cultural Envoys, activity reports, future event information, etc. Please also look forward to future updates.