Download the report for “East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy FY2014″

Based on the agreement reached at the 6th Trilateral Cultural Ministers’ Meeting which was held in November 2014, it was decided that each of three countries Japan, China and Republic of South Korea will dispatch their own expected/young artists to these three countries aiming to have practical performances and workshops for fixed periods.

Following this agreement, the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japanese Government had chosen four individuals and one group as East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy” of 2014, who have been enthusiastically working in these various Arts/Cultural fields. They were dispatched to either China or Republic of South Korea and had activities for each specialized field.

Now you can read the report by Envoys.(In Japanese,chinese,korean)

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East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy FY2014

  • Suguru Ikeda (Musician)
  • Yukio Shiba (Dramatist & Director)
  • Junnosuke Tada (Director)
  • Un Yamada (Choreographer,Dancer)
  • WASABI (Traditional Japanese Instrumental Group)